Website Design

At the end of my professional and part-time freelance web design career I was recommending anyone in need of a quick, but professionally designed website to take advantage of the new explosion of blogging. Both Blogspot and WordPress offer powerful solutions and professional design for free or at low cost. I have kept my fingers in web design and have decided to return to freelance work, specifically wanting to work with individuals and small businesses to help them produce and develop a professional website at as low a cost as possible. For this reason I am focusing on WordPress as the tool of choice. This site and my other professional site ( have both been designed using WordPress. Most hosting companies have free WordPress packages and will offer upgraded designs for a fee. If you do not have a site, I will recommend getting your hosting with Dreamhost and letting me help you get your site up and running through them. I have been their customer since 2001.

Getting Started

Getting started is as easy as a phone call (919-971-6818) or an email. We will discuss your needs and determine a total cost of project for the initial work, which will either be a completely new website or a redesign/transfer of an old site (whether in WordPress currently or as another stand alone solution). The project cost will be based on my creative rate of $60 per hour. Maintenance work is charged at $25 per incident or per hour depending on the nature of the maintenance call. After the initial site is up and running, most work will fall into the maintenance category. I will always let you know costs before work is done so there are no surprises. You will be expected to own and cover all costs associated with hosting the site, which at start up should not exceed $150. Lastly, my goal is to give you a site you can manage and update on your own, needing me only when you want to add new functionality, help with an upgrade (to the design or an existing functionality), or to resolve an unexpected problem. I am confident I can provide you with an outstanding site like this one for well under $500. So, let’s get started!!

Additional Services in Web Design

Writing and Document Editing, Photo and Image Editing

A website is much more than the design; it is also content.  I can offer additional help editing text, writing copy, editing photos, and creating images.  I am a former English instructor who taught technical writing at the graduate level for several years at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2002 to 2004).  My editing fee is $25 per hour.

Clients and Their Sites