Professional Editing | Resumes | Cover Letters

Presenting yourself professionally when running your own business is essential for success.  Sometimes the smallest details can deter clients and customers, making them think that your grammatical errors represent flaws in your product and/or service.  Therefore, it is very important to provide potential employers with clean, professionally designed resumes and smart, grammatically correct cover letters.  Anywhere your business appears in writing, on a website or in a print ad, the text and content should present you in a professional and polished light.

Editing takes places on three levels actually. The first, basic level is line editing, searching for, finding, and correcting grammatical errors.  The second level is sentence and paragraph structure editing, making sure what you have written flows well and conveys your message clearly and powerfully.  And the third level of editing is content editing, designed to help you get confusing ideas down in a written form and work out the structure of your message (brainstorming, process mapping, and flow charting are all tools to be used at this level if needed).